New Trends in Wedding Catering

wedding catering

Andrew Stratton

Do not you want to make your wedding day as a memorial might be? You will not be happy if people kept commenting about how much food to function, even after a week? Experience moments of joy, you know that the standard chicken and beef will not be enough. So, bringing the latest trends in wedding catering to add uniqueness and grandeur of your wedding menu.

wedding cateringMake It Colorful

It is interesting to see how chefs are finding new ways to add color to the food to fit the couple's signature color. For example, if you think black-white-and function, you can serve Oreos and ice cream mini-sandwiches for dessert, or a root beer float. Like this, there are many options available.

Let The guests Enjoy The Cocktail

Keeping your guests entertained is important to make your wedding successful. Set the eye-catching cocktail and let them play bartender. First select a drink and then ask for wedding catering service providers to set the display of liquor like Chambord, Midori, etc., and fruit juices.

Then, give each guest a bowl filled with lovely fresh peach, white grape, pear purees, etc. You can also serve their distinct signature of each drink for your wedding.

wedding cateringWhat About Culinary Kiosk?

Does the idea of culinary kiosks appeal to you? It should, because there is no better way to facilitate more interaction among the guests. A chef will attend to the guests in every stall and help them to pair the items and make them feel comfortable. Currently, a sense of this season is the ceviche bar that offers a variety of fish. Also, plan a family-style meal like this will help your guests mingle with each other freely.

Go For Healthy Food

Remember that your guests will be interested in healthy food. Gone are the days heavy cream sauce and fried dishes. Add more fresh vegetables to your menu. You also can request a wedding catering service providers to add at least a green courses on the menu. Serve salad made with fresh organic vegetables, or do free-range chicken with organic beans as a main dish. You can go with a green drink, too.

Try the Tasting Menu

Tasting menu big trend now. While going for them, the guests will be presented ranging from five to seven mini-courses. This is filling and you have to go for it. Also, do not forget to give your menu an exotic touch.

Give Special Care For Children

Let the kids have fun at your wedding dinner items such as California roll with soy sauce dips, ravioli brown butter sauce, fresh fruit, etc. This will make parents more relaxed, too. Also set the late-night snack mini cartons such as milk and an array of cookies. Following this trend. Your guests will remember the good in your wedding party of their lifetime.

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