4 Tips To Design Your Christmas Wedding Invitations

It is very common for couples to have the wedding during Christmas. As a result, you will need to create Christmas wedding invitations. In fact, there are quite a number of designs you can get from the market. You can also consider the following 4 points when designing the wedding cards.

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1. Colorful Design

You will need to choose a color theme for your wedding cards. To this end, you can consider having a really colorful wedding card. Xmas is meant to be very colorful at the end of the day. You will probably need to go for the idea of offset printing so that you can print a beautiful and colorful card.

2. Cartoon Design

You may want to work with a cartoonist to help you to create some cartoon drawings which are related to the idea of Xmas and winter. For example, you can create a drawing in a way that both of you and your fiancé will look like the Santa Clause. The point here is that you will try to make the Christmas wedding invitations interesting and cute. Of course it will be less formal. Yet, your guests will certainly love it!

3. Xmas Elements

You can put some commonly seen Xmas elements on your wedding card. One of the examples will be printing a Christmas tree on the card. Of course you can also consider putting other elements such as snowflakes on the cards.

4. A Formal Design

If you want your wedding card to be more formal, you may want to go back to the idea of white color wedding cards. You will make the card simple. You will still want to put some Xmas elements on the invitation. Yet, you may choose to use the technique of embossing so that you can make it more subtle. This will make your card more formal since there will not be too many colors.

Hope the above ideas can help you for your Christmas wedding invitations.

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