Beauty Tips for A Natural Wedding Makeup Look

Brides always search for the best wedding ideas that they can use in order to ensure that their special day will be a real blast. However, one of the things that must never be forgotten during your wedding planning is your wedding makeup. While it is very easy to choose an unusual wedding style for your momentous day, the natural make-up look is something that any bride should go for as this will best bring out their innate beauty without looking plain and ordinary.

Wedding Beauty Tip #1 – Go Light
On your wedding day, you would surely want your groom to see you in your most natural beauty and not hidden under several layers of makeup. Take note that less is always more so better stick for a natural and light wedding makeup.

Wedding Beauty Tip #2 – No Overshadowing
Eye shadows are created for accentuating your eyes, not overpowering them. If your wedding is set for winter or fall, choose neutral tones for your wedding makeup. If it is in the months of summer or spring, pastels will surely work suitably. However, it is a must not to overdo your eye shadow. Light eye shadow applications can bring out the beauty of your eyes and make them come to life.

Wedding Beauty Tip #3 – Choose a Thin Line
Eye liners, when applied and used properly, can also help bring out your eyes’ natural beauty, making them seem more open. It might be best to go for waterproof and liquid eyeliner of dark brown or black color. Just see to it that you will create a thin and natural looking line on your upper and lower eyelids. Thicker lines can give your eyes a droopy look, something that you surely wouldn’t want to have on your big day.

Wedding Beauty Tip #4 – Full and Long Lasting
Mascara is another integral aspect of your wedding makeup and these can complement and make your eyes seem more dramatic. Try to stay away from thick mascara application as this will make your lashes appear extremely unnatural. Your eyes will look their best when you choose dark brown or black waterproof mascara.

Wedding Beauty Tip #6 – Brushes and Blushes
Have your cheekbones accentuated by applying light powdered blush. See to it that the color you choose will coordinate with the rest of your wedding makeup colors. Just don’t overdo things.

Wedding Beauty Tip #7 – Forget the Sparkle
There are brides who choose to wear shiny or sparkled powder during their big day but it is something you might have to reconsider. After 20 years or so, you will thank yourself when you go through your wedding pictures and see how beautiful and timeless they look, not trendy and gimmicky.

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