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If you have your hopes set on being a summer bride, then looking fabulous while combating the intense summer heat is one of your biggest concerns. No bride wants to look flushed in their wedding photos or have to fan themselves to stay cool during their reception. While the location of your wedding and your gorgeous wedding gown may be effected by the warm weather, you may be surprised how well the right veil can help your flawless wedding look remain perfect.

Veil Options

If you are a summer bride that is sporting a strapless wedding gown, a short wedding veil can perfectly accompany your ensemble. Most short wedding veils are elegantly cut above or around the shoulders. This design can not only provide you with a classic look that accentuates your shoulders and chest area, but the short veil can actually help to decrease perspiration created from lack of air flow.

Fingertip wedding veils are amongst the most popular veils for summer brides. The fingertip veil consists of layers of fabric that strategically extend down to where your fingertips end, drawing the eye to your hip area. Fingertip veils not only help to accentuate your body by providing you with the illusion of a longer, dove-like neck, but they can also coordinate with almost any type of wedding gown.

Similar to the fingertip wedding veil is the elbow length wedding veil, another popular summer option. The beautiful layers of fabric that create this veil are slightly pulled in order to highlight the contours of your face. While this veil works to accentuate your body in all of the right places, it only extends down to your elbows demanding attention at your waist. Many brides who plan on wearing their hair in a gorgeous up-do will choose the elbow length wedding veil to finish off their look.

For the summer bride that wants to wear a longer and more traditional veil, the Cathedral veil extends beautifully to the floor. Cathedral wedding veils are meant to be worn with floor length wedding gowns. Most wedding experts believe that this veil looks the best when paired with a dress that dons a train as well. Cathedral wedding veils can either be solely behind your back, or can be combined with a blusher veil for an extremely traditional look. A blusher veil usually hides the bride’s face during the wedding ceremony, and is removed at the end right before the reception. Cathedral veils are great veils that are known for highlighting your beautiful wedding dress in all of the right places.

Customization Options

Although short, fingertip, elbow and cathedral wedding veils are the most popular designs for summer weddings, they are not the only options available to choose from. A summer bride can also turn to customization to provide them with a unique veil for their special day.

When creating a wedding veil, it is important to choose a style that really speaks to who you are as well as the type of wedding that you have planned. While some brides choose a veil that portrays simplicity and classic elegance, others will stride for a veil that speaks creativity and unique style with added embellishments such as crystals, pearls or beading.

For summer weddings, veil options come in a variety of different patterns such as the ever-popular floral design. When choosing veils that don a bold pattern, such as the floral motif, it is important to make sure that the design compliments your wedding gown instead of overshadowing it. The general rule is that your wedding gown is the center of attention and every other detail merely helps to further accentuate its beauty.

Lace is a very popular, and very common, fabric used on many gorgeous veil designs for decades. Adding lace to your wedding veil is a great way to maintain the elegant and traditional look of a beautiful and classic bride. Lacey wedding veils are usually best accompanied by breathtakingly beautiful pearl jewelry.

When creating or purchasing a wedding veil for a summer wedding, it is very important to also consider the trim of your veil. In past years, wedding veils and trims have been various shades of white and off-white. However, newer trends have allowed an explosion of colors to be subtly incorporated into wedding veils. Adding color into your wedding veil trim can work extremely well for summer weddings that are held outdoors. These veils can accommodate any wedding dress, and can perfectly coordinate with your overall wedding color scheme. With the new trend of color-accented wedding gowns, your entire ensemble can be beautifully accented in your favorite color.

Thanks to newer trends in wedding veils, there is no longer one style that fits all. You can easily find the wedding veil that is perfect for your summer wedding by highlighting all of your best assets. The perfect wedding veil will also make you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world.

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